We have set up a mini-manufacturing center, enabling us to spin yarn and knit samples. This facility allows us to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Here you can do the design work you need with speed and efficiency.

Karthikeya serves as a valuable resource for designers, R&D specialists, and purchasing professionals. We can make your job easier as you look for new ideas and seek solutions to competitive challenges. This level of service is available only from Karthikeya.


The antibacterial effect of silver was already familiar many generations before us. Our ancestors used this properly in everyday life, for example when they tossed a silver coin in milk or water to preserve their freshness for longer. Theses bactericidal properties of silver are also exploited by using polyester fiber containing silver core and silver based ionic finishes for cotton yarns.

Bamboo Yarns

Bamboo fiber has particular and natural functions of anti-bacteria, bacteriostatic and deodorization. It is validated by Japan Textile inspection Association that excellent function of anti-bacteria. Its test result show over 70% elimination rate after bacteria being incubated on bamboo fiber fabric.

Bamboo fibers natural anit-bacteria function differs greatly from that of chemical antimicrobial. The later often tend to cause skin allergy when added to apparel

Flame Retardant

Fire resistant fabrics are in great demand today. Its users include fire fighters, Metallurgical industries, Airways, Railways etc. Fabrics have been developed using yarns in which cotton, viscose and polyester are treated with flame retardant finishes. This gives very good flame retardant properties to the fabric without affecting the comfort properties. For producing these yarns both ring spun and air - jet spinning technology has been utilized. The fabrics made from these yarns possess good FR properties required for medium end uses such as common apparel, curtains etc.

Crepe yarns

Specilization and innovation have led to a high level of know how in the field of Synthetic Yarn and particularly Crepe yarns involving very high TPM (Twist per Meter) both in 100% Polyester, Polyester Viscose blends and 100% Viscose Yarns. However high the requirements may be, Karthikeya will offer innovative solutions to meet specific customer needs

Royal Cottons

Royal cotton yarns are available in Ringspun processes. We are proud to be a prominent supplier of yarns made from 100% Egyptian cotton as well as various blends of Egyptian cotton and polyester. The yarns are available in both karded and combed cotton varieties.

If you need a yarn to produce a fabric with a supple hand, strong physicals and a desirable sheen, let us design a Royal Cotton yarn for you.

Softtouch Collection

Soft, supple and luxurious, the Softtouch yarn collection enables you to produce premium products. We employ proprietary processes and engineered cotton blends to produce these yarns that yield fabrics with such pleasing hands. The fact that Softtouch yarns are available in counts from 40s/1 to 120s/2 has enabled many of our customers to replace more expensive yarns and maintain and improve the aesthetics of their products.

A premium product at a more affordable price? That's the Softtouch Collection.