Advantages of Air Jet Yarns

Karthikeya's Air Jet yarns have been proved for the following distinct advantages:

  • Metered cones

  • Excellent uniformity of the yarn – less U %

  • Hairiness index less by 40% than Ring Spun Yarns

  • No cork-screw yarn

  • Count CV is less than 1%

  • Weaving efficiency up by about 25%

Fabrics made of Karthikeya's Yarns offer the following unique advantages:

  • Low pilling

  • Good fall and better crease recovery

  • Better dye-affinity – savings in dyeing expenses by about 15%

  • Sound fabric realization up to about 10%

Perfect back yarn for saurer embroidery machine:

  • Sharpness of design – Improved machine efficiency by about 15%

  • Design defects are less by about 40%

Comparative Characteristics of Yarn from Karthikeya and Other

Random pilling test 60 min exposure (ASTM), US 1999

Polyester 100% $nbsp; $nbsp;ICI pilling (JIS L 1076) 10 hours Japan, 2001

Comparison of hairiness Ne 60/2 Polyester 100%

The number of hair per 10mm measured by Zweigle G565, Japan 2000

Moisture Absorption and Quick Drying

Elapsed Time0 Min10 Min20 Min30 Min40 Min50 Min60 Min70 Min80 Min90 Min100 Min
Drying RatioKarthikeya0%21%42%63%84%94%98%100%---

Tear Drop Test

The maximum diameter of 0.04cc of dropping water after 10sec., Japan, 2001